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When my vCenter crashed!!

My homelab vcenter instance runs on an iSCSI datastore san. Recently I was carrying out few iSCSI datastore tests, where I was yanking out the power to my NAS server, in order to understand some failover scenarios. During this particular test, my vcenter failed to bootup. It entered into the emergency mode, and showed the following error:

[Failed] /dev/vg_root_0/lv_root_0

This is a filesystem error, and can occur if the vm was not gracefully shutdown (which I did not).

Initially I rebooted my vcenter few times and even tried the e2fsck command on dev3. Just when I was about to give up, I found the solution here:

VCSA 6.5 Broken Filesystem - "Welcome to Emergency Mode" |

Following the instructions on this blog, I entered the following command:

e2fsck -y /dev/vg_root_0/lv_root_0

And this resolved the issue and my vcenter is back up!! Thanks to, else I would have spent hours in re-deploying my setup.

Unfortunately, I did not take screenshots of the error, as frankly I was not sure I would be able to recover my vcenter.

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