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vSphere Mobile Client- VMware Fling

The vSphere Mobile client fling is one of the coolest VMware flings in my opinion. I am using the v2.2.0 of the fling, which was released on 16th April 2021. This fling enables me to administer my home lab, simply from my phone! The following features have been included in this fling:

  1. VM Overview

  2. Host Overview

  3. Cluster Overview

  4. VM Quick actions

  5. Host Quick actions

  6. Alarms and events

  7. Performance metrics and charts

  8. Datastore Overview

Installing and setting up the fling on your phone is very simple. On Apple Appstore/ Google Play store, search for "vSphere Mobile Client" and download the app.

Once installation is complete, simply login to your vCenter/ ESXi server. The coolest thing about this is, you need to enter the target credentials only the first time. Post this, the credentials are linked to your phone's biometrics i.e. fingerprint scanner or face ID. This means that any subsequent logins are single touch and more secure as it's linked to your biometrics!

Let's take a closer look at some of the features of Mobile Client(Note: Hostnames and IP addresses have been blurred out):

Virtual Machine details page: This page shows an overview of the Virtual machine. You can see things like the Cluster, host and network associated to the Virtual Machine. You can also see the current resource utilisation details and the virtual machine console.

Virtual Machine Actions Page:This page can be used to carry out Power, Reset/Suspend and Shutdown/Restart guest OS actions.

Virtual Machine Performance Charts: This page shows the virtual machine CPU/Memory usage from Real-time to upto 1Year.

Hosts Overview Page: This page shows a summary of all hosts connected to the vCenter instance. It shows the hostname, resource utilisations summary, connection state and uptime of the hosts.

Host Details Page: This page shows the selected hosts resource utilisations summary, connection state, number of VMs running/powered off, networks and datastores associated to the host.

Host Actions Page: On this page, you can perform actions like Enter/exit maintenance mode, reboot and shutdown the target host.

Host performance metrics page:Host system CPU/RAM metrics can be viewed for a period from real time to upto 1 year.

Virtual Machine Console: That's right, you can console into your virtual machine and access the guest OS, run guest operations, straight from your phone. I have used the nested ESXi VM in my homelab for this demo:

Notice that the VM console mode offers it's own keyboard layout (can be selected from the keyboard at the top right corner of the page); this allows you to enter Functions keys (like F12), Ctrl key, Windows key etc; all from your phone!!!

Bonus!!! The Host maintenance mode Icon:

As you might have realised by now, this fling is really helpful for vSphere administrators as it allows on the go administration of your virtual infrastructure.

For more details on the vSphere Mobile client fling, visit the fling website:

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