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vSphere Diagnostic Tool: VMware Fling

Since this is my Christmas post, I will try to keep this as short and simple as possible!

Recently I happened to test the "vSphere Diagnostic Tool" VMware fling. This tool is a python script that needs to be executed on a vCenter appliance. The script runs several diagnostic tests on the vCenter appliance and reports out the results to the end user. For more information on this, visit the fling's homepage: "vSphere Diagnostic Tool | VMware Flings". You can download the tool package zip folder "" from the above mentioned link.

Using the fling is quite easy. Firstly, using the vCenter console, enable bash and SSH on the target vCenter server. Start a SSH session with the vCenter using putty or similar application. Execute the following script, so that you can transfer the zipped folder to the vCenter server:

Now, using WinSCP, transfer the zipped folder to your vcenter server's /root directory.

Enter the following commands to run the tool:

cd /root/

This will run the diagnostic tool and generate a report.

There are certain features of the report that I particularly found useful and unique, that would make life of sysadmins much easier in troubleshooting scenarios:

- Quick Summary of certificates

- Quick Summary of DNS status:

- VMware KB link to solutions for failed tests

Concluding today's post:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year readers!!

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