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Deploy Tanzu Community Edition v0.11- Using Linux boostrap VM [Part-2]

In the previous part, we created the Tanzu management cluster to our vSphere environment using the UI method. In this part of the blog series, we will be creating the examining the workload cluster.

We will be deploying the workload cluster using the tanzu CLI option.

Since the configuration for the workload cluster is same as the management cluster, we will create the workload cluster configuration file, using the management cluster configuration file. Let us look at the steps for creating a work load cluster in our TCE cluster:

1. The configuration file is present at the following location, create a copy of the YAML file:


2. Open the YAML file in a text editor

3. Set a name for the cluster in the “CLUSTER_NAME” variable

4. Specify static Virtual IP for the cluster in the “VSPHERE_CONTROL_PLANE_ENDPOINT” variable.

5. Ensure the “CLUSTER_PLAN” variable is set to dev/prod based on your requirement. For development use ‘dev’ and for production use ‘prod’. I will be using ‘dev’ for this example.

Sample Config file:

6. Save and close the file.

7. Open a terminal console and enter the following command:

       tanzu cluster create  --file <CONFIG-FILE>

You can check the status of your Workload cluster using the command:

tanzu cluster get <nameofyourcluster>

As in the case of management cluster, ensure you set static IP reservation for the workload cluster nodes as well.

Let us take a quick look at the correct sequence of shutting down and booting our TCE cluster:

When you shutdown the TCE clusters, make sure you follow the below sequence:

  1. - Shutdown the management cluster control plane node

  2. - Shutdown the management cluster worker plane node

  3. - Shutdown Tanzu workload cluster using the Tanzu workload control plane node

When you boot-up the TCE clusters, follow the below sequence:

  1. - Start Tanzu workload cluster

  2. - Start the management control plane node

  3. - Start the management worker node

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